Lea + celebs at Coachella


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Lea Michele (and her dad) on the Glee set (April 10, 2014)

Favorite Rachel Quotes


You know, the fact that Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson, the two people who get the most flak from fandom for loving the spotlight and liking attention, almost failed an assignment because they did a duet that had them sharing the spotlight instead of two separate solos that would have granted them each more attention and focus amuses me to no end.

You are the glow

Does the typo on the word strength in the first gif not bug anyone else?

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Using a Lil Wayne related hashtag to fight sexism. #Remarkable.

#not about lil wayne

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SO Rachel can make it to watch Kurt perform but couldn’t make it to re-do her own critique lol

Anonymous asked:
Is it that bad? Kurt centric episodes are so tiring

It’s bad because it could have been written into the show in a much better way that people could take seriously vs. making it a hokey after school special with a punchline thrown in and a plug for Amber’s song. 

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